Sure, My Man Makes Dinner. Why Is This A Celebratory Holiday?


Flipping through the National holiday calendar I found a doozy. Apparently ‘Man makes Dinner Day’ is an actual holiday. To me, this just feeds into the silly notion that our partners are not our equals; but more of a glorified built-in babysitter that occasionally cooks for his family.

Get out. Seriously, just leave. You’ve had one too many drinks society, and you’re starting to embarrass yourself. Time to Uber up and call it a night.

I mean, come on. We’re all better than this. Being an active and willing participant in this thing we call life does not earn you merits.

It’s being intentional about the choices you make every day. I don’t see anyone throwing parties or pulling out the red carpet because I whipped up some Kraft Mac ‘n’ Cheese three nights this week. Otherwise, I would have a shelf full of awards.

My man and I divvy up our routine because that’s what is fair. We both work full-time, and extend each other grace on days where one may be having a rougher day than the other. Some days I cook, some days he bathes. Some days, neither of us cook, and our kid skips bath time all together.

Whatever the routine is, we hold each other accountable. We are an equal partnership. One that requires effort given from BOTH parents; neither of which are exempt from responsibility. We love and respect each other, so of course there is a consistent flow of give and take. 

I’m not raising my daughter to believe that she belongs in the kitchen 364 days a year while her husband sits on the couch, hand down his pants, beer in hand, Al Bund-ying his way through life. No thanks, hard pass. 

So, when the “amazing” pops up on my calendar, I will watch my husband, as I do every other day of the week, as he asks our baby girl about her day while he cooks (or is in the kitchen helping me) over a stove like he’s been doing it for the past 7 years; because well, he has.

Who will be celebrating “National Man cooks Dinner” Day in 2019?! *insert eye-roll here*