Recognizing Our ‘Other’ Mothers


Motherhood is a title that most wear as a badge of honor. For others, it comes as an inconvenience. As unfortunate as that may be, I feel like the role of a mother and the title it’s given hold very different meanings.

Someone can bear the name without contributing to the role; whereas I have had the privilege of seeing women step up in every sense of the word without expecting to be given merit for it.

I was not close to my own mother growing up. She was verbally abusive, bitter, and selfish. She has an alcohol problem; and her narcissism hindered her from keeping her priorities straight. I‘ve had a lot of time to sit and wonder what could have been, what I may be missing, how unfair the situation is. I could go in circles internalizing the frustration of it all, or I can choose to recognize instead how God used this particular broken puzzle piece in my life as a stepping stone to something greater.

I would be hard pressed to deny that divine intervention played a huge part in my God mom‘s presence in my life. She has been around since I was born, and could have easily bowed out when things got hard. I invested a good majority of my free time in her as a kid. I genuinely believe that because of her influence, I am a much better human overall. She is objective when she needs to be, firm when it’s necessary, and steadfast in her love for me. When I got pregnant, my husband and I both decided she needed to be grandmother to our child. My daughter Charlotte calls her Gammy.

I think it’s significant to recognize the impact certain women may have on us; how their opinions are important to our decision making, or how we may mentor someone we love with a nurturing undertone. 

This post is for you. We see you, ‘other’ mothers!

So here’s to the Huggers, the truth tellers, the shoulders to cry on, the shoulders we lend, the firm hand holders, the good news go-to’s, the late-night listeners, the comedic relievers, the path guiders, the burden lifters, the teachers, our children’s favorite people, those individuals that we can’t fathom what we‘d do without. We commend your consistency in our lives, and love you fiercely.

Ultimately, blood isn’t what keeps us bonded – it’s the effort we put in daily that counts.