Labor Stories + Advice From West Valley Moms


Labor + Delivery Stories!

Us mamas will never forget that day or night that we welcome that little bundle of joy into the world and out of our womb.

A few from our team have shared snippets of their stories and some advice they would pass on to others this Labor Day! Take this collective advice for what it is worth. The message we love to push is that we all have to do what is best for us + our families at the end of the day. We are for YOU and whatever YOU decide is right on your special Labor Day!

Yuli’s Labor Story:

First was induced with epidural,
Second was emergency c-section due to chorio,
Third was a tolac (trial of labor after cesarean) ending in emergency c section.
I then had an ectopic pregnancy.
And then we we’re blessed with a rainbow baby that came naturally and fast (delivered in triage).

Yuli’s Labor Advice:

I think my biggest takeaway at this point is making sure I’m educated and know the cons and pros of my choices. That made for a much smoother and peaceful outcome with my last which is why I think I was able to vbac. I knew and understood my body, the doctors and their reasons behind certain decisions, and that no matter the outcome it would be my choice.

Chelsea’s Advice:

1. find a friend who will tell you about the post-birth stuff that no birth class goes over. I’m not talking about their detailed story, but things like how you can put a bag of ice in a newborn diaper and stuff that into those mesh panties for the most comfort. All of my friends only talked about post-birth with others who had already gone through it.

2. I didn’t do a hypnobirth class, but I was lucky to have a friend who passed along all of her materials. What got me through the first birth was thinking about the rose imagery. It’s basically meditating that your vagina is opening up like a flower. TMI? Hope not since we’ve all been there. I wish I remembered this my second birth because I’m pretty sure our Doula got stage fright and was of no comfort, so I clenched and that wasn’t good for anyone.

3. make sure your partner is prepared and part of the process. We had an amazing Doula the first time around (she was so good we considered flying her out here!) who asked us questions that really developed a great dialogue between Tim and I.

Stephanie’s Labor Story:

My husband was amazing. He got in the birthing tub with me even though he really didn’t want to. He backed off when I needed him to and held me when I needed reassurance. He was a great birthing partner! He even caught our sweet girl on her arrival. But more importantly he took the first week off work and made sure I only had to rest and bond with our baby – he even made my placenta protein shakes!

Stephanie’s Labor Advice:

Rely on your partner. Even though you and baby are doing the hard work allow him/her to be a part of the action as much as possible and don’t be afraid to verbalize what you need from them. ❤️

Kristi’s Labor Advice:

My best advice is to be flexible! I used HypnoBirthing with all three of my babies and had a birth “plan”, but not one of my deliveries went according to plan. I think this is preparation for motherhood: you have to expect the unexpected, and be able to adapt under different circumstances. This advice is something I tried to convey as a HypnoBirthing instructor: do your best to prepare and decide on your “ideals”, but be ready to be flexible!

Heather’s Labor Advice:

Be opened minded! Having a birth plan is totally fine, just be willing and prepared for it to change because your delivery may end up being the opposite of what you planned.

Also just enjoy the delivery as much as possible because it’s an incredibly special experience that, although painful and exhausting, Is absolutely amazing! I.e. normally the thought of my MIL seeing lady parts wouldn’t be something I would want but obviously I put that aside to include her which she was beyond grateful for and is something she will never forget.

Keala’s Labor Advice:

Have diet coke an pizza ready for after (sub for you favs)! Have whomever you want (or don”t have who you don’t want) in the room with you. Do NOT let anyone pressure you to be in there if you don’t want them. Use facetime if you want to include someone who cant physically be there (like my sister).

Rachel’s Labor Story:

I remember with my first I was doing my makeup for pictures. Conversing through my contractions – read my OBGYN said, “Oh we missed that contraction, we will push on the next one.” For my second and third I felt like I was possessed – pregnancy shakes, epidurals that didn’t ever quit take effect, etc. For my third we went to the hospital 5 times before getting admitted for delivery – I felt like I was making first time labor judgement errors. If you get turned away no worries – even us “old pros” can struggle with when is ACTUALLY os go time.

Rachel’s Labor Advice:

Don’t forget each delivery is different. I can attest to that.

Danielle’s Labor Story: 

For my first I went into triage thinking my water might have broke. Triage didn’t take me serious until they checked me and I was at 5cm and from the change from triage to a labor bed I went to 9cm (which was walking across the hall with a small wait time). Things got serious real fast. My second came in under two hours from the time my water broke. This poor nurse was fairly new and just kept saying please don’t push.

Danielle’s Labor Advice: 

The only tip I have is to just enjoy the process and try to relax the best you can. Babies will come when they are ready.

Rachel’s Labor Advice:

No matter where or how you choose to give birth, advocate for yourself. I was pretty sure my water had broken, but showed no signs of being in labor. I had to make sure they listened to me, and I was admitted. They had to give me pitocin because I was ruptured, but not dilating or having contractions. They told me it would be a “long day”, and I had to advocate for myself to be allowed to eat. You know your body, and you know your needs. Advocate for yourself!