I’m Bringin’ PTA Back…


I’m bringin’ PTA back.

In between a glass or two of wine, and Amazon Primin’ (yeah, it’s a verb now) I saw a post about how my son’s school needed ALL PTA positions filled. I sent an email, I decided to do it right then while I was “inspired”, because I knew in the morning, I would have “forgot” about it. I met with the previous president and she told me it was a lot of work, especially since there were so few volunteers. As she was talking to me– literally in the middle of the conversation, I asked an acquaintance I knew at the coffee shop, if she wanted to join to. 

After that, I gathered up a local mom-gang and we were fully staffed, eager to change things, and full of school pride.

We are not your mother’s PTA.

I have purple freakin’ hair, and most of our board says “DUDE” in a professional setting. All my newly formed gal gang are young, hip, cool moms. We recruited and found a lot of volunteers ready to suit up with us, and super mom it up. 
What we also got was a lot of push back.
Somewhere between wanting to enrich our kids lives, and wearing school pride shirts on the daily (which we promised we wouldn’t do—whoops!) we were answered with “I’d never do PTA”. 
That’s okay, but let me tell you why I do, do PTA. 

1. Theres just not enough money. 

There just isn’t. Art teachers shouldn’t be buying their own supplies. There isn’t enough hand sanitizer, ever. Forget it if you REALLY want something cool, because the funds just aren’t there.

2. Backstage Pass to my kids school. 

My kid thinks I work at the school, and he loves it. I get to chat it up behind the scenes. 

3. My ideas not only matter, but I get to see them to fruition. 

So, my husband works all the time, and there’s a ton of military families around. I thought about changing Donuts with Dad, and Muffins with Mom to something more inclusive, Pastries with Parents…and guess what? That’s the plan, Stan!

4. Birds of a feather. 

I get to work with a handful of ‘extra’ mom’s who devote way to much time to improving their child’s school day. 

So I think we should take PTA back. Get involved. If the leadership sucks, run for board yourself. While I’m not sure if Ghandi was referring to PTA, I urge you to ‘be the change you wish to see.’