How Fire Changed Our Lives: Part 3…6 Years Later


It’s been 6 years since that accident rocked our little family.

I wish I could say everything is better and back to normal, but its not. And that’s ok! I have so many things I want to say, so many people I want to thank.  Everyday that I wake up, I am grateful. This is something that our family was given to work through, and we are doing our best to do just that.

After the accident, we didn’t know if we would be able to have more children because of the burns my husband sustained. Luckily, we were able to have 2 more children who we are so grateful for! My husband has a stable job that he loves and is SO good at. It amazes me the work he does and the drive he has. Especially when he is still in SO much pain from the accident.  That’s what it was, simply an accident!

He was, to put it quite honestly, accidentally lit on fire. Really, just a freak accident. He was at work, and his boss wanted to burn some old checks that couldn’t be used anymore. The fire got out of hand and my husband was engulfed in flames. He stopped, dropped, and rolled. Luckily, because of the hurricane, the ground was pretty damp and so I’m certain that helped him in getting the flames out. He received 3 skin grafts and was in the hospital from Halloween to Thanksgiving. It was ROUGH. I won’t lie. It still is. But we get through it!

He is in an immense amount of pain, daily. His body has been rocked because of the shock and result of the burns. He can’t do a lot of things he used to, and whatever he does do, usually he has to fight through pain. We are still dealing with doctors, insurances, you name it. Since the accident happened literally across the country, we have to go, you guessed it, across the country to see his burn doctors and graft specialists. I’m not going to complain about taking a couple trips to New York every year though… 😉

All in all, my goal is that someone out there is in a similar situation, and can use a friend. I know there are so many of us who have trials in life and all you need is a friend to talk to. I want to be that friend! I’m here for you, girl!

October is Fire safety Month. Please be safe around fire, teach your kids to be safe around fire.

If you would like to see detailed pictures, video clips, etc., feel free to watch video above I made for my husband on the 1-year anniversary of his accident.  Also, feel free to follow along on my Instagram, @mollyparks20! I usually will post pics and talk about his burns/recovery there.


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