DIY River Rock Garden Markers



If you have ever gardened before you know that when everything is first planted your garden looks nice and tidy and you know just what you planted and where you planted it. But as time goes on and everything begins to sprout up and grow, sometimes it can be easy to lose track of it all. And those little plastic garden markers that come from the nursery have a tendency to break or fly away or even become lost in the soil and foliage. River rock garden markers are not only functional for labeling your garden, but they are also totally adorable. And I am always one who wants things to look “cuter,” aren’t you?

So the first thing you need is a bunch of river rocks. Even though we are desert denizens, we still do have a river nearby. The Gila River which runs along the south end of Avondale, Goodyear, and Buckeye has a great assortment of river rocks and that’s where I picked mine up! I knew what kind of plants I was wanting to make markers for in my garden and I tried my best to find rocks in those approximate shapes.


Once I was home with my rocks I washed them all off, laid them out on an old towel, and labeled the backs of them so I could remember which was which.


Next I drew the shape of each vegetable or fruit on the rock using a pencil. Once the shape was drawn I painted two or three coats of paint on them, waited for that to dry, then outlined and wrote names on them with white paint. Here I show the steps with the eggplant rock:


Once you are done with painting, make sure to spray them a few times with a clear finishing spray (I used one in a gloss) to protect them from the elements. You took the time to paint them, you’re going to want them to last! Here are pictures of all the rocks I painted so you can copy and make your own! If you want to make one I don’t show here and you need an example, simply do a Google image search for clipart of the veggie or fruit you are wanting and find an image you can recreate. There’s usually plenty to choose from.



It did take a little bit of time to paint all of these, but it was a nice activity to do one afternoon while watching a movie on the couch (and recovering from a yucky stomach flu, blah!). My boys just love the rocks and I think they add the sweetest touch to our garden. I hope you do too!


  1. I love these. I like your blogging buddies too. What a great idea. I don’t garden myself but these would make a great gift for a friend that does.

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