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My husband is a brewery groupie. Nothing makes him happier than some snacks and a flight of beer. One of our favorite breweries happens to be down the street from us and has become a frequent date night spot when we are looking to grab a quick drink and some yummy bar food. 

Dubina Brewing Co. has only been around a few years, but have successfully turned us into regulars. They brew in house, which I think is really cool. If you’re a beer lover, this is the place for you! It’s located in the West Valley, on Bell Road. 

Cheers! Delicious.
All of the tables have cute details, down to this adorable hop filled mason jar.
The room where the brewing magic happens!

We always have a great time unwinding here. Every time we’ve gone, they are typically full, but not to the point where it’s overkill. You don’t have to yell over yourself in conversation, and the atmosphere is very low-key. 

Requests for beer made here
a chalk-board mural with the distilling process

They have a beautiful modern industrial vibe inside, long ‘family style’ tables as well separate booths, and a giant Jenga game and an in-progress photo op wall that they are still actively working on (It’s angel wings, however, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise!) You can also request your favorite beer(s) to make a comeback, as they have seasonal changes and new brews coming out all the time.

A giant Jenga game for some added fun!
They make all of their beer in the restaurant

They are still running a trial menu for food to see what people respond to most. Their burgers, brats, and pretzels are my personal faves. We tried the ‘Dubina Nachos’ sub fries this time around as well as the fried zucchini. 

All in all, I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a quick ‘bite ‘n brew’ and are in the area. Sadly, we only got half way through our second round before grandma called to let us know we had an inconsolable, teething baby at home; so we had to cut it short. 


For a full listing of West Valley Breweries click HERE!

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