Creativity Cheat Sheet: 5 of my favorite creative tools


I am constantly on the hunt for new ways to up my blogging/design game. When I started to freelance my graphic design services, I had little knowledge of just how many resources were openly available to use at my disposal; so I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you guys. These are great for helping with those online scrapbooks, designing graphics for events like birthday parties and graduations, or updating the family website/blog! I promise that even the most novice blogger or even just a mom who wants to up her creativity game, will be able to comfortably navigate through these and put them to good use!

  1. Design Seeds: This is a more recent tool for me. I found this gem while perusing through color palettes on google images. If you’re sort of lost in terms of what colors you need for well, anything, then this site will help you tremendously. Being a visual person, this is the mecca for combing swatches to discover really beautiful combinations. Whether it be an invite, a simple new look for your blog, or even ideas for decorating; I get so inspired by all of the possibilities.
  2.  DesignBundles + FontBundles: These are sister sites that I frequent. Both have so many free designs as well as fonts for you to download. There are also what FontBundles refers to as ‘dollar days’ where they round-up around 30 different fonts, all for $1.00/each! It’s a great way to build up a collection to refer back to when needed. I’ve gotten a lot of what I use today solely from the free goods they offer.
  3. ImgFave: I’ve been an avid user of this site for as long as I can remember. This is more in line with needing inspiration; as there isn’t much in terms of download(s). It’s a resource I use when I am feeling unmotivated to create content, or just need to enjoy someone else’s. They have different categories for whatever gives you the feel-goods. Animals, Photography, Quotes, you name it. Sometimes when you feel the pressure to create, it can hinder your flow even more. Cute puppies and funny memes always pull me out of the slump!
  4. Creative Market: I’m sure so many of you are already well aware of this site, however, I was super late to the game. I remember stumbling across it a few months ago and becoming a changed woman (not even the slightest exaggeration). Not only do they provide you with free quality downloads (that are updated every week, by the way…) but there are no limits on what you can find. The possibilities are endless. You need unicorn glitter patterns? Check. Looking for cartoon turtles wearing birthday hats? Check. You want to make it, Creative Market has a way. I will say that things tend to add up, as the bundles aren’t always cheap (averaging anywhere from $3.00 to even $100.00+) but if you’re serious about diving into your own designs, this is a really great way to enhance your efforts.
  5. Canva: The holy grail of all things creative. I see this app/website being used everywhere, and with good reason. It’s user-friendly, has a plethora of templates ready to be customized to your liking, and offers you quality design services, with no sneaky additional costs or strings attached. I am obsessed. If you are a blogger needing help organizing digital content for your posts, this site will have it all ready for you. 

So get your juices flowing and go create something!


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Nikki Boether
Nikki is an Arizona native, born and raised. She is a mama to a 1 year old daughter named Charlie, and wife to Travis, her way better half! She is also the creator of Moms Behind Mental Health; a series on her website, documenting women’s maternal mental health stories, specializing in PPD/PPA. She is a huge advocate of Mental Health in general, and is always looking to cultivate awareness. In her free time she works as a freelance graphic designer, loves to cook, is obsessed with coffee, and tries to soak up every ounce of quality time she can get with her family.