Stephanie Walsh

Stephanie Walsh
Stephanie has lived in AZ since she was 5 years old and considers herself an AZ girl. She lives in North Phoenix with her husband Kevin, her toddler Kylee, and her brand new baby girl Ellie. Stephanie has a BA in Elementary Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership. For the past 12 years she has taught 3rd-6th grade students with an emphasis on social/emotional education for gifted students. She has recently decided to take some time off to be a SAHM and is loving it! To stay a part of the teaching world she has started a side business called “Joy of Learning Tutoring” that offers tutoring, homework help, and gifted enrichment. Stephanie loves to travel with her family, scuba dive, and say yes to new adventures.

The Yelling Mommy

Before becoming a mom I judged those moms that yelled. I didn’t mean to, it’s just that I saw the yelling through their children’s eyes. I had empathy for them and knew that yelling at...

Where Are All the Moms?

When I first became a stay at home mom I made it a point to find other moms to connect with. This wasn’t an easy task as there isn’t a directory or handbook for...

The Outcome of My Planned Home Birth

Read the first part of this homebirth story HERE. Many people say movement can get a baby out. I now believe that, 100%. The week of my little entering the world I was busy packing my...

Why I Chose a Home Birth

  I chose to have a home birth.  When most people hear the words ‘home birth’ they often think of pain and the scary what ifs that could happen by being away from a hospital. I...

Living That Breast Life

Agh breastfeeding. There are many learning curves with this natural feeding technique. If you don’t work through them you are likely to lose your sanity or even give up. Almost 5 months in I...

Exclusively Breastfeeding – But Not By Choice

Breastfeeding is such a special bonding time. I really do love being able to nourish my baby and have her so close to me. However there are times when I would give anything for her...

Bathing suits, bridesmaids dresses, and a post pregnancy body… oh my!

I recently had a baby.  I have been working on life as a mom of two. I love my new life of being a SAHM to two beautiful girls. I love almost everything, everything except my...

It Takes a Village

I used to think stay at home moms had it easy. Here I was, working full time, while taking care of a toddler. I would drop her off in the mornings at daycare, rush...
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