Nikki Boether

Nikki Boether
Nikki is an Arizona native, born and raised. She is a mama to a 1 year old daughter named Charlie, and wife to Travis, her way better half! She is also the creator of Moms Behind Mental Health; a series on her website, documenting women’s maternal mental health stories, specializing in PPD/PPA. She is a huge advocate of Mental Health in general, and is always looking to cultivate awareness. In her free time she works as a freelance graphic designer, loves to cook, is obsessed with coffee, and tries to soak up every ounce of quality time she can get with her family.

Sure, My Man Makes Dinner. Why Is This A Celebratory Holiday?

Flipping through the National holiday calendar I found a doozy. Apparently 'Man makes Dinner Day' is an actual holiday. To me, this just feeds into the silly notion that our partners are not our...

A Little Self Love Goes A Long Way: My Day At Spa Botanica!

Full disclosure: I've never been to a spa of any kind. I'm not really the type to sit around all day pampering myself. Isn't that awful? I think that may need to change after my day...

Self Care: It Starts Within: Ways to Prioritize Your Mental Health

We are always being shown different ways to take care of ourselves physically. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, taking supplements, everything in moderation, etc...but one of the most important factors that ties into overall wellness...

Date Night at Dubina Brewing Co. + West Valley Breweries We Love

My husband is a brewery groupie. Nothing makes him happier than some snacks and a flight of beer. One of our favorite breweries happens to be down the street from us and has become...

A Guide to Surviving Arizona Summers

If you are a native desert dweller, you can fully empathize with the misery that ensues from May-September every year. The remaining 7 months are spent prepping for the onslaught of around the clock...

Creativity Cheat Sheet: 5 of my favorite creative tools

I am constantly on the hunt for new ways to up my blogging/design game. When I started to freelance my graphic design services, I had little knowledge of just how many resources were openly...

Recognizing Our ‘Other’ Mothers

Motherhood is a title that most wear as a badge of honor. For others, it comes as an inconvenience. As unfortunate as that may be, I feel like the role of a mother and the title it's given...

10 things I Want Moms with PPA/PPD to Know

Happy Maternal Mental Health week! Isn't it awesome that we have an 7 days solely dedicated to the sanctity of motherhood? It's so important to highlight the reality of it all. We spend so much...
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