10 Cheeky Ways To Keep Cool


Are you like me and always wonder why your local Arizonians friends and family complain about the summer temps?!

It’s like ummmm we LITERALLY live in a place called the “Valley of the Sun!,” sooooo how is anyone surprised (cue the “Really Arizona?!’ temperate photo posts on the car dashes and weather app screen shots aka venting about summer temps that make us feel like we are actually are on the surface of the sun????
To help you stay cool we have come up with 10 ideas to avoid the heat + STOP posting the screen shots of the The OBVIOUSLY crazy high temps. Ha! I kid – kinda. 
  1. Hang out in the car – this way you can blast your face (literally) with Air Conditioning – bonus your littles are strapped in giving you a cool reprieve. 
  2. Go to your local Costco and hang out in the freezer section (some of you might have seen not so long ago in stories I was hanging out there – just because.)
  3. Hit up a splash pad at sunset (we have a list HERE for you and you’ll save on sunblock if it’s in evening.)
  4. Treat yo’ self with a cold ____. (Insert whatever frozen / iced treat is your fav here.)
  5. Pool time – make sure to put those umbrellas up + sunblock on. I know, I know it’s like bath water but at least your “bathing” the sweat off.
  6. Leave the state Ha! – but seriously though. 
  7. Movie time! Don’t wanna hassle with the kiddos + see a kids flick? Check them into the Play Center at Harkins (locations vary.)
  8. Speaking of play areas hit up Chick Fil A (did you know many locations use green cleaning products) or other fast food places and let the kids play while you enjoy a cool treat. Other indoor play places include IKEA, Living Spaces and our full listing HERE. You’re welcome! 
  9. Walk the mall – they have indoor kids areas that will get energy out while staying cool.
  10. Do all of these ideas sound TERRIBLE?! Go stick your face in the freezer or pile all those lunch freezer packs all over your body! LOL! 
  11. BONUS freeze fruit for healthy snack (expert tip – pre cut and place in ice cube tray depending on age – we love frozen grapes in our home.)

Good luck y’all! We broke a heat record for 116 degree which hasn’t happened since 1943!